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The path a man walks will determine what he will find at the end of his journey.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I welcome you inside my book of understanding through change.
I hope your visit here will bring a soft and gentle peace to your Spirit.
As you walk along within my thoughts, I pray you will feel my experiences as I have seen them.
I share them with you that you may see that all things are possible with your Father in Heaven. If your Spirit is moved by these words, then my purpose would have been fulfilled.

We as a people need a change, in our Spirit, our thought, our lives and our views.
Take a look around you, declare what you see.
If everything you see, is everything you need, then you need to question the view.
Jesus has told you not to care for what you need. Do not be concerned for tomorrow, but live today. Your Father knows all your needs, even before you do. Speak the Word that someone else’s burden may be lifted and their Spirit awakened, make a difference, know that Faith is weak without works.

The Word has power of which you do not know and cannot see. The Spirit is asleep in the world and believes it’s self to be flesh.
The Word calls out to the Spirit that it may rise up from its sleep in the midst of the earth.
The Spirit is pure and without sin. The Word will awaken the Spirit of the one who hears it.

When the Spirit awakens, you will start to see a different view of the world. A view seen through the eyes of the Spirit.
You will begin to see the Truth.
The Truth about the world and about yourself.
You have become a different creature. All that you have seen and heard in the past will have a different meaning.
Your journey has begun, the journey to awaken other Spirits that they too, may be saved.
Do not be afraid, your Father will be well pleased in you.
It is what you are here for. To take off the man, and put on the Spirit, it is the only power you have, the power to choose. So make your choice wisely.

For you have not come here by chance. You have come to give the Word unto the world.
To the Spirits who are asleep in sin, that they may awaken and receive a full measure of the Mercy of God.